5 Restaurants with the Most Unique Concept

5 Restaurants with the Most Unique Concepts in the United States, Surprise!

When looking for a restaurant, in general, a customer will consider several factors such as price, taste, and atmosphere. However, in terms of price and taste, the competition is getting tougher considering that many small restaurants dare to set low prices while guaranteeing a delicious taste. This makes restaurant business owners have to think harder to compete with each other.

These five restaurants in the United States are no exception. In order to increase the number of customers, the owners of these restaurants racked their brains to create a concept that is arguably quite unique. Curious as unique as what? Check out the following reviews.

1. The Catacombs – Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

The Catacombs - Mount Joy

If the average couple wants to have a romantic dinner on top of a skyscraper while looking out at the view below, The Catacombs bucks the cliché. The restaurant actually offers dinner underground, more precisely 13 meters below the highway. This restaurant is housed in the cellar of Bube’s Brewery, a historical brewery located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, United States.

Upon entry, visitors will be presented with a brief tour of the history of the place. Once at the bottom, they can eat a variety of traditional and gourmet food while accompanied by a glass of wine or beer.

2. The Safe House – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Safe House - Milwaukee

Want to feel like a secret agent in Hollywood movies? You can visit a restaurant in Milwaukee called The Safe House. The restaurant and bar offer decor, and some dishes inspired by the spy film series James Bond or agent 007.

When at the entrance, visitors will be asked for a secret password to enter. If they can’t answer, visitors will be asked to do the first “mission” to gain access. The “missions” range from dancing, and playing Hoola hoops, to practicing how the penguin walks. Inside the bar, there is a TV showing the unique actions of the diners trying to enter.

3. The Airplane Restaurant – Colorado Springs

The Airplane Restaurant - Colorado Springs

If you are an airplane lover, maybe this restaurant is the right destination for you. The Airplane Restaurant in Colorado Springs is a restaurant utilizing a retired 1953 Boeing KC-97 model airplane.

Visitors can enter the aircraft cabin that has been modified in such a way as to be a comfortable place to eat. In addition, the restaurant also exhibits many photos, artifacts, and memorabilia related to aviation. This makes the restaurant also function as if it was a museum.

4. Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas

Heart Attack Grill - Las Vegas

Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant that can be considered eccentric. How not, when visitors enter this restaurant, they will be greeted by a waitress dressed like a nurse. Visitors will also be given hospital patient clothes while waiting for their food to be served.

Not only in terms of concept, but the restaurant also provides food that is also related to the name of the restaurant. They serve food that, if consumed, could make diners to have a heart attack or at least have a higher risk of developing the disease. One of their mainstay menus is the “Octuple Bypass” which is a burger with eight patties and high-cholesterol bacon  (smoked pork).

5. Opaque – Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, NYC, Dallas

Opaque - Los Angeles

The decoration of the dining area and the presentation of the dishes served are important visual factors to arouse the appetite of visitors. Evidently, some of the other restaurants mentioned earlier tried various ways to create a comfortable yet different atmosphere. However, try another path taken by Opaque.

Opaque is a restaurant in Los Angeles that allows diners to eat in the dark. Initially, visitors enter a waiting room while choosing the menu they want to eat. After that, visitors will be led by the waiter into another very dark room.

Only then are the dishes that have been ordered will be delivered to the customer’s table. Uniquely, the waiters who work there are people who have visual impairments or are blind. Very cool, right?

At a time when the restaurant business is very mushrooming, innovation is really needed so that a restaurant can compete with other restaurants. That’s what the United States restaurants above do. Evidently, these restaurants become one of tourist destinations when tourists visit these cities. Quite unique isn’t it? Which restaurant would you like to visit?


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