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The Beautiful But Deadly Grand Canyon Tour in South America

Beautiful But Deadly Grand Canyon South American Tourist Destinations

The United States has Grand Canyon National Park, which is very popular with tourists. Although beautiful, this national park is also deadly.

The Grand Canyon became the first National Park in the United States. Located in northern Arizona, The Grand Canyon is a popular recreational spot among domestic and foreign tourists.

Although beautiful, Grand Canyon National Park is also a deadly place. This results in a large number of deaths every year.

Before going any further, please note that The Grand Canyon is a naturally formed canyon from the Colorado River. This canyon was formed over millions of years.

As a nature conservation, The Grand Canyon is also inhabited by the Hualapai Ranch Indians. This tribe became the Native Americans who managed and guarded The Grand Canyon.

Why is Grand Canyon National Park so popular among tourists visiting South America?

Colorado River

This is due to its beauty. Imagine, you are standing on top of a canyon with endless beautiful views. However, The Grand Canyon is a beautiful but deadly tour in South America if we are not careful.

These canyons have different heights and are very steep. Another feature is the absence of barriers or guardrails. So that each tourist can get a different photo and experience.

But this feature is also the cause of death of tourists in The Grand Canyon. Most of the tourists fell in love with the beauty of the canyon and continued walking to the edge of the cliff. Not paying attention to the surrounding conditions, many tourists died from falling from cliffs.

For example, at the end of this season, the bodies of Japanese tourists have been found located in a forested area some distance from the rocky cliffs. However, there is also the corpse of a 50-year-old Macau tourist who fell for taking photos.

Not just falling off a cliff, there are several causes of death in this national park. Starting from flash floods, drowning in the Colorado River, storms, snakes, suicides, murders, and selfies for Instagram.

Travel Directory friends should be careful, there are many causes of death in The Grand Canyon. The worst thing was that two planes collided over the canyon in 1956. Moving on to the present era, the biggest deaths are precise because of selfies.

The national park expects tourists to be careful when visiting. Getting a good travel photography is never worth the loss of life at stake.

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