Wow! 10 America’s Winter Destinations with Epic Views

Winter destinations in America are the most awaited moment, especially by tourists. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of falling snowflakes, interesting places that are increasingly enchanting with a blanket of snow are also being hunted. The piercing cold air is not an obstacle to spending time with loved ones, moreover, an atmosphere like this can never be felt in a tropical country. In addition to enjoying the snow, usually in winter, many events or festivals are held. Of course, it will add to the excitement of your vacation. So, what’s wrong with taking the time and enjoying your winter vacation in America?

1. Diana’s Baths, New Hampshire

Diana's Baths, New Hampshire

You will find a series of small waterfalls located in the southeast corner of the City of Bartlett, New Hampshire, namely Diana’s Baths. This waterfall is near the village of North Conway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, United States. Located in the White Mountain National Forest, this waterfall is protected by the government because of its status as a historical place. The shape of the waterfall that has steps and there are several quiet pools around it is an attraction for tourists who come to this tourist attraction. It looks very charming when it snows because the steps at the waterfall are like palaces. Diana’s Bath is a must to add to your list at the winter gateway in America.

2. Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

Alaska is not only famous for its skiing but also has Mendenhall Glacier, which is 12 miles northwest of the state capital. You can get to this place by using the land route. Here you can see The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center looking out over glaciers and volcanoes. In addition, there is also a path to walk along the beach, and is even more impressive with the presence of snow that covers it. You can also do white water rafting which allows you to float between icebergs. On the way, don’t miss your sight of black bears, porcupines, and otters roaming in winter.

3. The Rocky Mountains, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains

Winter gateway in America is not to miss The Rocky Mountains of Colorado, because this place is one of the most popular national parks in the United States. These mountains offer a very special view, which stretches from Canada, across the United States, all the way to Mexico. When it snows, it makes the top look beautiful with a blanket of snow covering it. So it’s only natural that this place is a suitable place for ski lovers.

4. Death Valley, California

Death Valley-California

This one place does have the best views with the existence of hills, valleys, and deserts located in Eastern California, United States. In summer, Death Valley is the hottest and driest in North America due to its low water content and low geological location. So, you can choose when winter comes to avoid the scorching heat. Keep yourself and the people with you safe because Death Valley has steep terrain. This valley has a height of 86 meters below sea level. Death Valley also has a place called Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point on the Americas, and when the temperature drops, many tourists flock.

5. South Lake Tahoe, California

South Lake Tahoe, California

The California area seems to still have a lot of fantastic places to fill winter destinations in America. This lake is the largest and deepest lake in America. Located in the North Amer Mountains and has a height of about 500 meters. It crosses the border of California and Nevada and stretches for 22 miles from North to South. Make anyone who comes very amazed with its charm. Please note that snowfall can be found in this place from November to April. The attraction of tourists when visiting South Lake Tahoe is the skiing and also you can ride the gondola which allows you to enjoy the view from above.

6. Mount Aspen, Colorado

Mount Aspen

Want to see the excitement of the annual Winterskol festival? You can take part in this festival on Mount Aspen, Colorado in the winter. There are cooking competitions, special dog fashion shows, winter fest, fireworks, bonfires, film screenings, bicycle competitions, works of snow sculptures, and many other exciting events. The right month for you to visit is in January which coincides with the Winterskol festival. Besides being able to see the uniqueness of the festival, you can enjoy the charming Mount Aspen when it snows while playing in the snow.

7. Mount Rainier, Seattle

Mount Rainier, Seattle

Mount Rainier, also known as Mount Tacoma, is the mainspring in the region, with 25 large glaciers and snowfields in winter. The mountain has a height of 4,392 meters above sea level and is often shrouded in clouds for days. When it’s sunny, the mountain peaks are covered with snow and can be seen from a considerable distance, namely from Portland, Oregon, Victoria, and British Columbia. The Mount Rainier area has many features with Alpine meadows, waterfalls, rivers, and forests.

8. Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon is located at an altitude of 8,000 to more than 9,000 feet. So the temperature will be very cold when winter arrives. This destination is commonly referred to as a “cave without a roof” or a “stone forest. The scenery presented by Bryce Canyon is fairly complete. The reddish-orange, cream, and light-colored rock cliffs make visitors who come even more amazed by the natural beauty of Bryce Canyon. You can see flocks of birds resistant to cold air when winter comes. When visiting Bryce Canyon, you can try riding a horse-drawn sleigh to cross the snow.

9. Lake Powell, Colorado

Lake Powell

A winter destination in America, try to visit Lake Powell which crosses the border of Utah and Arizona. This lake is a tourist attraction as well as a favorite vacation spot visited by two million tourists every year. This lake is not a natural lake, but the second largest man-made reservoir in America and also facilitates water storage for the Upper Basin state of the Colorado River Compact. Wow, an amazing handmade lake. The largest natural stone bridge in the world is also at Lake Powell.

10. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

When it’s winter, this winter destination in America, which is surrounded by peaks will be covered with snow, which makes it even more beautiful to look at. While skiing surrounded by snow peaks will be a very pleasant tour. Don’t worry about not bringing the equipment with you. Ski equipment, food, and drinks are available in full Jackson Hole. In addition to skiing, you can also ride a sleigh drawn by mighty dogs and a horse-drawn carriage which will allow you to see the beautiful view of the valley during the trip. This is suitable for winter gateway in America.

The Beautiful But Deadly Grand Canyon Tour in South America

Beautiful But Deadly Grand Canyon South American Tourist Destinations

The United States has Grand Canyon National Park, which is very popular with tourists. Although beautiful, this national park is also deadly.

The Grand Canyon became the first National Park in the United States. Located in northern Arizona, The Grand Canyon is a popular recreational spot among domestic and foreign tourists.

Although beautiful, Grand Canyon National Park is also a deadly place. This results in a large number of deaths every year.

Before going any further, please note that The Grand Canyon is a naturally formed canyon from the Colorado River. This canyon was formed over millions of years.

As a nature conservation, The Grand Canyon is also inhabited by the Hualapai Ranch Indians. This tribe became the Native Americans who managed and guarded The Grand Canyon.

Why is Grand Canyon National Park so popular among tourists visiting South America?

Colorado River

This is due to its beauty. Imagine, you are standing on top of a canyon with endless beautiful views. However, The Grand Canyon is a beautiful but deadly tour in South America if we are not careful.

These canyons have different heights and are very steep. Another feature is the absence of barriers or guardrails. So that each tourist can get a different photo and experience.

But this feature is also the cause of death of tourists in The Grand Canyon. Most of the tourists fell in love with the beauty of the canyon and continued walking to the edge of the cliff. Not paying attention to the surrounding conditions, many tourists died from falling from cliffs.

For example, at the end of this season, the bodies of Japanese tourists have been found located in a forested area some distance from the rocky cliffs. However, there is also the corpse of a 50-year-old Macau tourist who fell for taking photos.

Not just falling off a cliff, there are several causes of death in this national park. Starting from flash floods, drowning in the Colorado River, storms, snakes, suicides, murders, and selfies for Instagram.

Travel Directory friends should be careful, there are many causes of death in The Grand Canyon. The worst thing was that two planes collided over the canyon in 1956. Moving on to the present era, the biggest deaths are precise because of selfies.

The national park expects tourists to be careful when visiting. Getting a good travel photography is never worth the loss of life at stake.