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Cañon City, Colorado:
Home of Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad

Canon ParkCañon City, Colorado, is the home of Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad, which is classed as the best scenic railroad in the world. Board one of the three vista dome railroad cars that are circa 1950s. The Royal Gorge is 127 years old and will take you on a breathtaking trip through Royal Gorge where you will see the majestic chasm and a view of magnificent scenery.

Cañon City isn’t just about the historic railroad. There’s a wide range of activities and attractions for all ages to enjoy.


Cañon City was developed in 1859, as a supply depot during the Pikes Peak gold rush. In 1860, the Rudd family settled here. By 1868, Colorado’s Territorial Prison had been established in the town. When gold was discovered in Cripple Creek in 1890, Cañon City profited and grew rapidly. Today, visitors flock to the Historic District, which is located between 3rd and 9th Streets and Macon Avenue.


Take a scenic tour on the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, the only domed railroad in Colorado. The train cars are first class, climate controlled and have open-air observation cars. Visitors can view a wide range of wildlife while on the tour, which is 24 miles of majestic scenery and takes about 2 hours.

The Dinosaur Depot is fun and educational. Watch Paleontologists as they work to uncover secrets of the past. Kids of all ages will love this attraction.

If you enjoy wine, don’t miss the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey. The winery has won numerous awards for its delicious wines.

From helicopter rides to the world’s highest suspension bridge, Royal Gorge Bridge, Cañon City has much to offer visitors. Check out the Historic Downtown that is abundant in architecture from the early 1900s. Take a peek into the past at the Museum of Colorado Prisons, where you can step into a cell and get the feeling of what life was like for the inmates that were imprisoned there.

Step back in time and see gunslingers shoot it out on the streets of an authentically restored western town at Buckskin Joe Frontier Town. If you prefer, stop by Royal Gorge Riding Stables to take a 11/2 hour scenic tour on horseback.

If you like living on the edge, take a white water rafting trip on the Arkansas River or visit the Fremont County Airport for a solo or tandem skydiving experience.

Colorado Springs Area Dining

Whether you crave Italian pasta, pizza, steak, homemade fare or vegetarian dishes, Cañon City has the perfect cuisine for your tastes. Mexican dinners, seafood, salads and chicken are all available at a wide variety of area restaurants and diners. From elegant dining to take out, there’s a meal to fit everyone’s tastes and budget. For a truly unique fine dining experience, enjoy an elegant dinner aboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad.


Shopping opportunities abound in Cañon City. Whether you’re searching for authentic antiques and collectibles, Native jewelry, art, glassware, rustic log furniture that’s handcrafted in the traditional method, handmade quilts, or more modern items, you can find it all in Cañon City. Buy rocks and minerals, home décor items, foodstuffs, furs, leather goods, pottery, beads and books. All these things and more are available for those who love to shop. Also see Colorado Springs Shopping Malls.

Recreation & Adventure

There are endless recreational opportunities in the Cañon City area. Fish for rainbow trout, kayak the Bighorn Sheep Canyon rapids, white water raft down the Arkansas River or tour Royal Gorge on foot, horseback or mountain bike.

Visitors can easily spot a variety of wildlife that includes rabbits, chipmunks, deer and hummingbirds. Larger species such as antelope, bighorn sheep, bears, bald eagles, elk and mountain lions can be see if you stay alert and watch carefully.


Cañon City offers visitors a large selection of accommodations. From cabins, campgrounds and bed and breakfasts to motels, hotels and quality suites, there’s lodging available for all budgets and tastes.

For a unique vacation experience that will be forever etched in your memory, visit Cañon City, Colorado. It’s one of them most magical adventures in the Pikes Peak area.

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